African Pastor: “In 2030, Haiti will become a powerful nation”


The Evangelical pastor of Cote d’Ivoire, Mohammed Sanogo said on the afternoon of Sunday, July 30, 2017, in Miami that Haiti, long under the yoke of Poverty and violence, will take a new course from 2020 and will become a light for other nations in the coming years.

A visionary and initiator of “Impact Nations”, a prophetic program for the revival, evangelization and destruction of strong men over the nations, Mohammed Sanogo, accompanied by part of his team, was invited by the Haitian pastor Grégory Toussaint At the close of the 2017 edition of the 40 days of prayer and youth organized by the Multicultural Church “Tabernacle of Glory” in Miami with the support of the radio “Shekinah FM”.

For Pastor Sanogo, the first black republic has been plagued by difficulties since its independence: chronic political instability, violence, social problems … under the backdrop of recurring natural calamities, but has enormous potential in terms of oil and mineral resources.

“When you notice that the devil is fighting against a people or a region, it is because these people carry a particular destiny, something important. Haiti carries a great destiny, a destiny that is greater than the island on which the country is situated “also hammered the leader of the” Ministry Messages of Life “.

Rev. Sanogo, together with another African pastor in France, Yvan Castanou and Pastor Grégory Toussaint, decided to launch the Haiti program in Haiti in January, preceded by a 40-day global prayer chain.