The Orlando gunman’s boyfriend revealed SHOCKING details why his lover Omar Mateen shot and killed 50, wounded 53 that night

June 23, 2016:  A man has come out the closet to explain why the Orlando massacre really happened. He spoke with Spanish Tv network Univision in an exclusive interview and he was only identified as ”Miguel”, yep that sounds Spanish to us. Is what he’s claiming is true? We don’t know , so you be the judge. Miguel claims his lover [Omar Mateen] was ”100% gay” and what happened that night at the Pulse gay nightclub in his opinion ”he did it for revenge”.

Miguel, who wanted to be disguised for the interview says, his partner had a problem with Latino men because he felt like they were using him, plus finding out one of his partners was HIV-positive.  Both Miguel and Mateen found each other on a gay dating website. He said they met very often within a period of just two months.

According to Miguel, Mateen was married with one child, a son. He said Mateen told him his marriage was arranged and added Mateen was ”sweet and affectionate”.

On June 12, Omar Mateen carried out the United States worst mass shooting. Not only he resurrected the gun talks among politicians, but he also sparked a major discussion about homosexuality.