LAST NIGHT in Orlando . . . Gazzman Couleur pushes 2 fans off a stage . . . Happens While performing his HEARTBREAK & MISERY song . . . IF you didn’t know, Gazzman is JEALOUS for his stage too (VIOLENT VIDEO)

November 26, 2016: We know some of you couldn’t make it out to see DISIP album release party last night in Orlando, so we sent the Haitian paparazzis out for you. Luckily for them, they caught the point when DISIP lead singer Gazzman Couleur pushes two men off the stage.

The two fans seemed to be minding their BUSINESS production as they took over Couleur’s spotlight. But the Gazzman was not having it. After realizing and some built frustration, the Couleur GPS the two phonographers to the floor.

DISIP currently holds the #1 album in the HMI this year. The album is called “Heartbreak & Misery”, available now on iTunes. Make a purchase today to support not only the artist, but the Haitian Music Industry.

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