People are saying DISIP new song is a COVER . . . We have the English version of DISIP’s Heartbreak & Misery . . . New accusations for the HMI . . . is it really a copy Machine!!

August 31, 2016: We starting noticing too many complaints about the HMI, or the Haitian Music Industry inability to produce original music that’s actually written by Haitian song writers. Not all but there are too many, even in the Rap Creole genre. This latest complaint is over DISIP’s new album song “Heartbreak & Misery” by Gazzman Couleur. The original song titled “Jealous” by Labrinth, on YouTube and already reaching more than 30 million views.

Is it wrong to translate a song from another language to another? Of course not. Other non-Haitian artists get away with it all the time. So, what’s your take on this discovery? Do you think the HMI needs to be a little more original? Share your thoughts with us here or on Facebook.