Orlando Police caught their most wanted man Markeith Loyd _ who was war-ready when they found him _ Look what he said the police did to him even he surrendered peacefully.

SOME RELIEF IN ORLANDO: They have their man they’ve been [actively] looking for since killing policewoman Debra Clayton. Loyd allegedly shot and killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend in December before taking the officer’s life a couple weeks ago in front of a Wal-Mart.

Police found Loyd without a fight. One source says he gave himself up cowardly, like a little girl. Reports say detectives used technology to tap in into phone that led them to his location, so no one will be benefited off the $125,000 reward previously offered for his capture.

Although the arrest was reported with no major incident, Markeith Loyd was carried into a police headquarters with a bloodied face. He claims on reporter’s cameras the police did that to him when he said ”they beat me up” three times.

This how he looks after the arrest:

Loyd will now face questioning of where he has been hiding, who helped him and why committed the crimes he’s accused of. According to sources, the police officer he killed known his family for decades.




they beat me up.