Comedian starts an outrage after saying Haitian men breath smells like “Port-Au-Prince” when they don’t brush. Funny or Not?

A comedian woman goes by the name of Jessie Woo has started a war with Haitian men after she claims that their breath stinks when they come to talk to a “Seeester”.

During a promotional video for an event she was invited to attend in Orlando Florida, the comedian stated she wants all Haitian men to get a “breath check”.

Now, thousands of Haitian men are calling for a boycott because they say she went too far and don’t think its funny to say they have the “Port-Au-Prince breath”, meaning Haitians in Haiti don’t brush their teeth.

We want to know your opinion about this latest controversy that has surrounded the Haitian community once again after Donald Trump’s “#shithole” remark. Watch the video below.