Haitian former NBA player Samuel Dalembert arrested for assault / / / He allegedly beats his girlfriend and her cousin / / / Did he go too far over that?

September 13, 2016:  Boca Raton, Florida: Samuel Dalembert who is the former NBA player who played for the Rockets, Bucks, Mavericks, 76ers and the New York Nicks was arrested on Sunday. According to the Palm Beach Post, he was charged with striking his girlfriend and her cousin. One of the members in the home dialed 911, but did not say anything, they just hung up. That triggered the police department to make an emergency visit to the address displayed.

Shortly after police arrived, the victims told police everything was ok, but later admitted they ” did not want Dalembert to know they called 911 because they were scared what he might do to them,” the report says. Dalembert was taken into custody after police noticed a mark on his girlfriend’s chin, a busted lip, a bruise on her forehead and shoulder. Police say Dalembert was being ”aggressive” while they were there.

The report also says Dalembert was drunk before the altercation. The victims say he got upset when he heard his 1-and-8-year-old children was going to Orlando. The other victim is his girlfriend’s cousin. He was attacked by Dalembert after he tried to stop the fight. He suffers injuries to the neck after he was put in a chokehold.

The 7-foot, 270-pound former NBA player is now out on supervised release.