Best Western, El Rancho, Marriott and Sogener send out DENIALS on Michel Martelly’s claim he used the PetroCaribe fund on them

Haiti’s former president Michel Martelly facing some denials after making statements involving Best Western, NH El Rancho, Marriott & Sogener businesses in Haiti. The Compas musical icon attended the Haitian Labor Day carnival in New York where he was questioned by many radio animators about the use of the PetroCaribe funds.

The most recent denial coming from Sogener, a major sponsor for the event in New York and the annual Haiti Carnival. Spokeperson Dimitri Vorbe took on his twitter account to deny the statement Michel Martelly made suggesting Sogener as a sponsor when asked about the fund PetroCaribe.

Acting as musician, Sweet Micky told hundreds during a performance in New York ” The PetroCaribe money I stole, I invested it in Best Western, Marriott, El Rancho”. So far, all three have put out a denial over the former president claim that the money from the PetroCaribe fund he is accused of mismanaged was used in the Hotels development.

The El Rancho Hotel provides a formal denial of former President Michel Martelly.

“The real estate and financial company (SIF), owner of the NH El Rancho hotel, was amazed to learn, on social networks, that the former president Joseph Michel Martelly had to declare, in a joking tone, that “the money he stole from the PetroCaribe fund was invested, among other things, at the NH El Rancho Hotel”, reads in this note which bears the signature of Réginald Boulos, chairman of the board of directors of the SIF.

The SIF, the note continues, “protests, in the most vehement way, against such statements of lightness and irresponsibility on the part of a former head of state who must, in all circumstances, to to be a model citizen “.

FIS has informed the national and international public and general public, users of social networks and the entertainment industry in particular, that the NH El Rancho Hotel “has never obtained a cent from PetroCaribe funds. . She is proud of the support of her shareholders and the financial institutions she has worked with for many years. ”

“The SIF also wishes to point out that no member of the Martelly family owns shares in SIF”.

“The SIF deeply regrets that a former high dignitary of the State can thus trivialize this serious citizen campaign of demand for accounts on the use of the fund PetroCaribe, to the point of joking in the flagrant and unacceptable disregard of legitimate right of the Haitian people to the truth, “fired Reginald Boulos.

According to him, the FIS is trying, in a difficult context, to develop a hotel complex of international standard thanks to the constant efforts of its shareholders, who, he added, have always demonstrated their unwavering faith in the emergence of a prosperous Haiti, more just and more humane.

Réginald Boulos concluded the note by saying: “This update is made for all legal purposes”.

Similar denials also sent out by Best Western and the Marriott in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.