Haiti sends large delegation to help Mexico hit by earthquake and now are being criticized (VIDEO)

The Haitian government sent a large group of rescuers, doctors, food, and medicine to help the Mexican brothers for the catastrophe that triggered last week’s earthquake.

We do not see it wrong because Mexico is going through a bad time, but many Haitians are wondering where they have taken these resources if supposedly Haiti is broken and does not have to help its citizens.

This has provoked great stir in Haiti and in other countries that are accustomed to helping this sister nation.

It seems that if Haiti has resources but does not want to use them to help it seems that they prefer to “nail” the money, as they say in popular slang, and hope that the “good Samaritans” of the world continue to help.

It is further evidence that we have accustomed Haiti to just receive, while many NGOs also take advantage of it by doing their “August” with the resources allocated to the poor mass of the neighboring country.

The poverty of Haiti is a business, many rich, NGOs and humanitarian organizations urge them to remain poor to get their benefits.