Haiti’s president Michel Joseph Martelly addresses the nation about the Holiday and his last day in office

Haiti’s president Michel Joseph Martelly addresses the nation about the Holiday and his last day in office

“Haitians, my countrymen,

Today the Christmas holidays offer me another opportunity to continue to bring the same message of fraternity, understanding and harmony for all people of Haiti.

Throughout my term as head of the country I never stop encouraging the Haitian people to cultivate unity, love, dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation […]

[…] Today Haitians, I ask you to let the Christmas spirit invade you, commit you to behave in a different way, to act in a different way to maintain the values of the Republic and protect what took time and energy to build. Throughout our history, is one who fight against the other for power, they are civil wars, divisions, déchoukaj, kraze brize, controversies that have always dominated.

My friends, it is time for it to stop, to stop destroying us, destroying our country, to destroy what took us so hard to build, destroy our institutions […]

[…] I takes advantage of the positive atmosphere that Christmas must inspiring us to ask everyone to make a patriotic effort, to put aside all that divides us and put together everything we considers good for Haiti. For Haiti be able to join the path of unity, tolerance and love.

I hope that during the year 2016, Haitian prove to the world that they can meet all the challenges ahead of them today. We have the room that will be installed, the mayors who will enter their town halls, they will also come together to serve the public in order, discipline and respect of each other, in peace, calm and tranquility. […]

[…] At this time of Christmas, I want to address a special thought to those who have no big means in society, young girls and boys who suffer, those in drugs and tafia, the prisoners, vulnerable, orphans, those who do not have families, the disabled, those who have no home, those who sleep in the streets, the sick, those who are on a hospital bed, the elderly, all of you who have no one to think of you, I want to tell you today, I think of you, I love you and I wish that Christmas brings hope for a better tomorrow in your life.

Haitian people, in a few days will end 2015 and 7 February 2016 another elected president will replace me at the National Palace, I hope he will represent the people’s vote and that he will continue to work for the dream of that Haiti that people caress becomes a reality.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Year 2016 in the health, prosperity and peace.

May God bless you,
May God bless Haiti,
Ayibobo pou pèp la !”