HAITI: O NOOO . . .NOT AGAIN! . . . A wife of a Diaspora LEAKS videos and pictures a THIRSTY woman sent to her husband’s phone . . . WOW, why Haitians don’t like to cut their GRASS?

June 29, 2016: SHOCKING videos and pictures emerged online of a woman that lives in Haiti. A wife of a man who she sent them to, claims, the woman refuses to leave her husband alone. The wife, who wants to remain anonymous says this woman will not take, NO for an answer after she requested her so many times not to send such videos and photos to her husband’s phone.

The husband and his wife have already settled this matter and want to put everything behind them to save the marriage for the sake of their children. However, they’re still facing harassment from who the wife identified as MarieRolande in Haiti. We’re unable to list the physical address she provided, but she said she lives in a small community called Matisan.

Follow the links below to watch the videos and pictures that were sent to the phone. SORRY THE VIDEOS AND PICTURES HAS EXPIRED!!!!!