Chris Brown’s home surrounded by police …. Guns and drugs found during a standoff early Tuesday …. Brown: ”F the police”!

August 30, 2016: Chris is in for some more troubles. This time, a beauty pageant title holder called 911 on him and she accused the R&B singer of pulling a gun on her. Helicopters, swat team and the police all at Brown’s home over the allegations early this morning around 3 AM. A gun and drugs were found, but it was not clear if they were in the duffel bag Brown threw out the window.

As usual, Chris Brown was being himself. He took what happened to Instagram and saying ” F*** the police” while chanting Black Lives Matter. TMZ broke out the story earlier today and reported Brown was taunting the police saying ”Come get me”. Here’s Chris Brown on 3 different Instagram posts about the incident: