Perspective 2022: Another patriotic surge, like Kita Nago, to save Haiti

We had always shown “Tèt Ansanm” and fearlessness in the most difficult moments of our people’s history. From November 18, 1803 to January 1, 1804 through May 18, 1803, our ancestors had taken their courage in both hands to be today men and women free, independent and sovereign.

What have we done with this freedom and independence? We are always acting against their ideals by doing things that leave no hope for the country to regain its former luster. Did we learn the lesson of February 7, 1986? Do we remember the loss of life and equipment during the earthquake of January 12, 2010? Can we forget the bad weather that has claimed many lives in the South? What do we remember from our misfortunes?

A set of questions that should therefore challenge our conscience citizen around the need to engage in a frank dialogue between us to repair the damage done to this beautiful country rude in deeds and words, ruined by our personal ambitions, our follies to become the price of rich men and women at the expense of the greatest number.

Is it still possible to meet this great challenge of reconciling the nation with itself? This seems enormous but it is therefore necessary to sit down and define a plan for success in what we want to build as an alternative for collective and general well-being. We must formulate dreams, articulate our needs, harmonize our actions in the sense of fraternity, of equality. We must therefore put ourselves on the side of the dignity of man, first and foremost.

From Les Irois to Ounaminthe (both ends of the country), we had traveled thousands of kilometers on foot to show the face of the world our courage and our determination as a people; when we want to do something positive. We can use them again, because the current state of affairs commands a very powerful patriotic impulse, with a view to creating the Haitian ideal, 214 years after the conquest of independence.

In the 10 geographical departments of the country and in the Diaspora, let Haiti be at the heart of our concerns, let us jointly build a future for our young people who do not have landmarks, our women and our children who need protection. “Kita Nago”, we talked about it, we talk about it again and we will always talk about it. The image has gone around the world; we will remember that for a long time. The strangers thought we were definitely going to take a serious option for the change.

It gave them shivers when they saw all this beautiful people behind such a movement. Alas! An unfinished movement, we can resume it, in another form. Launch the inter-Haitian dialogue, browse the dwellings, communal sections and communes, listen to the notables, the peasants; in short, the vital forces of the nation, to have their points of view on this real need for change which must undoubtedly pass through the combitism which is a pooling of social forces so that the country can be reborn from its ashes.

Wadson Desire
Perspective2022, for the regeneration of Haiti