Haitian legendary comedian [PAPA PYÈ] dies at Orlando hospital (Details)

We’re getting sad news of the death this of Jean Claude Joseph alias Papa pyè hospitalized since last Friday in Orlando.

Papa Pyè was asthmatic and diabetic. He lived far from his family. It is a blow of massu confided to us, his young sister Micheline Pierre who confirms the news.

On October 13, 2015, Papa Pyè and his troupe were honored by the Ministry of Culture, it was an opportunity to reopen the doors of the ciné Triomphe.

“I have been honored fifteen times abroad. This is the first time I have been honored in my own country, “said Jean-Claude Joseph, Papa Pyè.

Wine, troubadour, plays, plays of honor as many moments brightened occasionally, men of stage who knew how to mark the Haitian popular theater. R.I.P to the legend, Jean-claude Joseph (PAPA pyè).