French Dermatologist says showering every day may be bad for your skin…unless you don’t like it looking young

According to a recent survey, only 57% of French people would shower every day and 24% would shower every other day. This study also indicates that 81% of French people wash at least every other day, 48% never bathe and 19% who wash only twice a week or less.

The liberal dermatologist practicing in Paris, Nina Roos, specialized in aesthetic dermatology and lasers means that “to wash very little, less than three times a week, does not imply anything harmful for the body”.

“Our body needs to be in contact with bacteria and other microbes to be healthy. Washing is a gesture that involves applying foaming cosmetics, so strippers on the skin. Lipids that provide the “intercellular cement” of the skin do not like dissolving it that way. It is an attack on the skin barrier. Daily washing dries the skin. Too much soaping imbalances the flora, and makes our skin very irritable and prone to various pathologies (eczema in mind), “she says.

The harmful effects of excess hygiene according to her, are numerous including dry skin or irritating dermatitis and eczema, allergies, modification of natural skin flora and normal physiology of the skin, worsening of certain skin diseases as well as an ecological impact, the use of large quantities of water, chemical and industrial products.

The dermatologist emphasizes that showering every other day is good for the skin when you have dry skin. “In dermatology, we recommend that you wash every other day when you want to limit these eczema problems, especially in children,” she says.

For Nina Roos, do not wash every day “it is a more reasonable use of water, since the time spent in the shower decreases with age”. “Nevertheless, it is socially that this poses a problem: the body odors are stronger and they disturb in our sanitized world,” she continues.

“Also stop washing your hands 10 times a day or more, you will get less sick. Well-being is in moderation, it is also valid for the skin, “concludes Nina Roos.

Holly Philips, a specialist in women’s health in New York, supports this development of arguments against this hygienic practice, showering too often drying the skin and hair, water eliminating the natural protection of the skin. Experts have also recently discovered that good bacteria live on our skin (a bit like a good bacterium lives in our intestines). They fight bad bacteria and keep us healthy.

In conclusion, taking a shower several times a day attacks us. Yet, referring to preconceptions and habits, this practice would help us to have perfect health.

The explanations of the dermatologists could upset or encourage some, but they recommend the express toilet that consists of cleaning face, feet, intimate areas and armpits.