You better sit dowm for this one — Pictures of Fantom’s wife Daphne LEAKS OUT — They say she was trying to send these provocative sexy selfies to Wendyyy — She looks pregnant too (2 pictures)

September 23, 2016: Are you on your little low seat? A good snitch for WKJA have made us aware of some FREAKY photos of  Rap Creole rapper Fantom’s wife, Daphne. The snitch told us they learned she was trying to send these pictures to Fantom’s beefing opponent, Wendyyy, but somehow the pictures made it in the hand of a leaker.

Keep in mind Fantom is no longer with Daphne, so they both can do whatever they want, but they are still unhappily in a marriage contract. We say that because, even though Fantom is now known to be dating expired artist Misty Jean, he said he would not fully commit to anyone because Daphne is still his Home Base. If you know anything about Baseball, you know what we mean by that. Here are the pictures:

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