What’s up with all them cheaters in Florida? . . . A Miami woman reports herself MISSING just so she can cheat on her husband . . . Does cheaters lives matter?

July 12, 2016: We cannot make this up people. A Miami wife have done the dumbest thing a cheater can think of. She reported herself MISSING just to go have some fun with another guy, leaving her husband and kids worrying sick.

Miami police say Carla Vasquez, 32, called and told her husband she was kidnapped, to quickly notify police to start looking for her. With all the pranks going on out there, her husband didn’t believe her at first, but when Carla the genius cheater texted him back saying she’s serious, he took no more chances on ignoring her and contacted the police.

But, that is not what Vasquez told detectives after they found her. She actually admitted she was not in any danger whatsoever. In fact, she told police she was at a bar with a guy she met, even spent the night with him. Now Vasquez is charged with filing a false police report.