We have pictures of Carel Pedre when he was still YOUNGSTA in the Countryside of Haiti (Port-de-Paix) . . . You can tell he was hungry to be what SURVEY says he is today . . . SELFISH!

July 21, 2016: Check these pictures of Carel Pedre when he was still in Port-de-Paix [Andeyor] Haiti. Someone leaked the pictures to us and they said this was Pedre in 1998, around the same time he escaped to Port-au-Prince. Pedre have always wanted to be a radio host.

In one of the photos, you can see Pedre in dark blue shorts seating on a front porch. The snitch says Pedre used to go to the neighbors a lot to hang out with them. He was a loner. He was the kind of guy who  always daydreaming, always keeping things to himself, even when he’s among friends. According to our leaker, Carel Pedre was selfish towards people, so at times friends treated him the same he treated them. No wonder they drank without sharing with him.

carel podepe 1 carel podepe 2