Viral photos of a 74 year old Haitian woman discovered living under the sea in a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath house.

These photos have gone viral on social media of a Haitian woman who allegedly living under the sea. According to the Facebook page [Janw Wèl La] who posted the news, this took place in a town called Anse-Rouge in Northwest HAITI.

The homeowner, Jezila,74, is reported living in this spacious three bedroom and two and a half bathroom with a fire place. According to post, Jezila is a vender at a local flea market near the beach in the south side of the town that’s located across from the city jail.

As reported, Jezila could be seeing plunging into the sea after every shift and never come back up. A very concerned photographer decided to jump after her one day to really see what was going on down there and captured these two images above of the woman and her luxury watered home.

Some people shared their opinion and as expected, many are in disbelief.

WKJA has not confirmed if this story is actually true. We hope anyone with more supporting information about this story will reach out to us so we may update it.