Video: More than 80 killed in France attack after a truck crashes into a large crowd in Bastille day celebration

July 15, 2016: France was attacked again. Officials say a semi-truck loaded with guns and grenades crashes into a large crowd during the Bastille day celebration. Authorities have confirmed this was not an accident.

Surveillance video shows semi-truck veers into the direction where the road was blocked for the event, sending people to start running for their lives, but unfortunately many didn’t make it. As of Thursday night, the death toll reaches more 80 and about 20 in serious, life-threatened condition and more than 100 injured. This happenned yesterday in the city of Nice.

Below is the video from the attack and we must WARN you, it is very hard to watch. The video is very graphic. Follow the link to play the video.

Click HERE to play the video