The Haitian jazz “KLASS” was also attack last night in Orlando’s Allure resort Hotel…fans ran for their life

June 12, 2016: As you may already know  Orlando was under terrorist attack at a gay night club near Downtown Orlando where 50 died and 53 injured. Another attack also took place around the same time.

The band Klass who recently dropped their second album ” fè l ak tout kè w” played in Orlando’s Allure resort hotel in Point Orlando, just a few miles from the deadliest attack that took place inside the Pulse gay night club.  While Klass was performing, someone dropped gas inside the building causing everyone to panic and started running for the exit.

Klass is known to face problems like this when the band is playing in Orlando. Years ago, at a different location, the band was forced to stop playing after the same problem occured. The Orlando Police had to be dispach that day after gun shot was fired into the air. Someone even took off with the band’s laptop.  Here’s what Pipo, the singer, had to say about last night attack on Klass:

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me before the news was confirmed that there was a mass shooting in Orlando. I’m truly disappointed in what took place last night, I personally apologize for all the supporters that came out to have a good time. Instead it turned out to be a frightful event. Fo’k nou suspendre. Kote respect nou comme Ayisien. We have to do better as a community!

On another note please pray for those who lost their lives to a deplorable act of terrorism. We are living in a crazy world. We need more PEACE AND LOVE AMONGST US!

Pray for Orlando.