The fire that killed a Haitian woman . . . while visiting a HOUNGAN at a Botanica shop . . . is still UNKNOWN, but one woman is saying what really happened!

October 31, 2016: We’re learning about what happened last week’s fire at a religious shop in West Palm Beach. The fire department was dispatch to the St. Anne & Vierge Miracle Botanica shop on Belvedere Road, within a strip mall. One woman was found dead at the scene, and the other later died at the nearby hospital. The two women that lost their life were Maria Bonny, 36, and Roselyne Lindor, 31.

Since the cause of the fire remains unknown, a woman who has requested not to be identified told us, one lady went in there to go see a Mambo, to do magic. She’s not sure if it was for someone else or for herself. She also told us that the lady was a 7th-day Adventist church goer. After she gets to the Mambo house, during the practice, a sudden fire started and killed her right after she was seen outside the shop in flame.


”She was so burned, her clothes were not even on her,” Evie Gonzalez, a witness from the beauty salon next door said. Another man said people were hitting the woman trying to put the fire out, but it peeled off many parts of her skin.  According to police, the fire didn’t even reach the two other businesses next to them. We’re hoping the fire was accidental by a mysterious object, but it sounds pretty scary thinking it’s from a Vodou practice.