School Principal Jean Coty Ridore of North Miami Arrested for bribery

Another Haitian corruption?

Jean Coty Ridore who officials says was working as a Principal at a North Miami adult school was arrested on Monday for bribery.

According to reports Ridore took $1,000 from an undercover detective to hire someone at the school but doesn’t need to come to work. The two had met inside an SUV where Ridore accepted the money and told the detective ” it’s your job….you don’t have to do nothing man”.

Ridore had been working for the district since July 2005 and was earning a salary of $110,000. He is now charged with unlawful compensation, grand theft and official misconduct. Overall Ridore hired as many as 20 employees who they said were paid but never spend a day on the job and Ridore was receiving money from each of those employees.

Jean Coty Ridore is a native of Haiti. He became principal of that school after graduate from Miami Dade College, Florida International University and Barry University. He himself learned English from that same adult school program when he came from Haiti late 1980s, the Miami Herald reports says.

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