Photos of Irvin Randle, (the MrStealYourGrandma) with his young-ex-boyfriend is OUT /// Oops…MrStoleYourGrandson ma’am!

September 16, 2016: A couple months ago, the now famous kindergarten teacher Irvin Randle took over the Internet, and was quickly admired by so many women for his style and look. Lots of men were also jealous of him and calling him gay. But these men may have been right about the suspicious teacher.

At first, Randle told everyone that he likes women and was bothered by guys claiming he is gay just because of his fashion style. Now, there is a young gentleman that goes by the name of Ahmad Booth on Instagram that claims Irvin Randle as his ex and posted a few pictures of their past. Here it is:




Now, Randle is being labelled #MrStoleYourGrandma. Did he fooled you? What do you have to say about this discovery of Irvin Randle?