Orlando-Haitian pastor is caught Stealing and Cheating _ Busted after video of him in a hotel room with two young girls leaked _ And spending what some members are saying is their TITHES they gave to the church _ What’s going on at BETHÈL?

An Orlando pastor is getting heat for betraying his congregation serving at the Bethel Adventist church in Orlando near the Americana neighborhood.  Somehow the video of him is swimming out there and they are saying the two young females in the room with him are underage.

According to sources, Pastor Billy, whose church is in S Rio Grande, allegedly offer the two young girls money to perform for him at the hotel. One girl was recording while pastor Billy sexually assaulting the other. Our source tells us that the mother for one of the girls fainted after learning about the incident.

Pastor Billy hugging the young ladies and tongue licking one of them. Not sure if this picture were taken at the church or the hotel. Pastor Billy is married with children.

Before you watch the video, keep in mind pastor Billy is a married servant of God and has children of his own. This video may upset you.