Husband finds out his wife is already 4 months pregnant after waiting 27 years to have sex / / / He’s disappointed he was not her first at their honeymoon / / / But now decides to do this….

September 13, 2016: Believe it or not, this guy is the real MVP. An anonymous man has come to forward to share his story about the bravest decision he had to make. He says he waited 27 years without having sex, only to find out he married a pregnant woman of 4 months. ”We exchanged vows in a colorful wedding a few weeks back, but I highly suspected that my wife was already pregnant with another man’s baby, but I married her anyway’‘, the unbothered husband said.

The husband found out about the shocking discovery just 3 weeks after his honeymoon, which was the very first time they had sex. During a visit to the doctor for a check-up, he was hopeful that she was pregnant for him, but the doctor told his wife she’s 4-months into a pregnancy.

Here’s the rest of the husband story who has decided not to reveal himself:

My suspicions became true when we recently visited a family doctor for a routine check-up. The doctor said she was four months pregnant. My Christian values ensured that I and my wife did not engage in sexual activities before tying the knot, therefore cementing my belief that she cheated on me. I have since been heartbroken because I feel that I was cheated into marriage. I am seriously contemplating opting out even after sacrificing time during courtship and spending on a costly wedding. Despite caring for my wife I cannot forgive her because there is no trust in our relationship”.