HMI lost another artist . . . Rocfam’s TOPPY X says “I DO” at his wedding . . . And FREESTYLE his vows . . . Must watch (VIDEO)

Fresnel Nerette, known as Toppy X from the Rockfam group and Melissy Sonsaille said yes on Saturday, April 20 at the LDG reception hall in Montreal, Canada.

Toppy X Touttan/Facebook

“A big thank-you

We especially wish to thank you from the heart of being present on this special day.

Thanks to you, the party was a great success and we will keep a wonderful memory.

Thank you for your participation, your patience, your smiles, your little words

Your Gifts

Toppy & Melissy”.

The rapper decided to spit some freestyle during the reception and crowd loved it. But not more than Melissy who thanked her hubby with a wet kiss. Awww how cool is love! Sending out our congrats to them and long live the two.