Have you seen GARCELLE BEAUVAIS Halloween costume? . . . A lot of Haitians are OUTRAGE over it . . .Why couldn’t she just be Catherine Flon? (Picture)

November 1, 2016: Happy belated Halloween by the way. Yesterday was Halloween and a lot of people around the country was somebody or something for that day. Everything went well, except for some people who thought actress Garcelle Beauvais went too far on her choice of costume. She dressed up as an INDIAN.

Was that really an insult to her native country Haiti? Most people think so. She is getting eat out by some Haitian fans, and even from African-Americans as well. So what’s wrong with being an Indian for Halloween? Many are saying she should have waited for History month and that its inappropriate to be an Indian for Halloween . Your thought on this dress:


What do you think of Garcelle Beauvais Halloween costume? Should she have worn a Catherine Flon costume or none of our business? Please share your thought with us here or on our Facebook page.