Haitian teenager revolutionizes Android tablet

Haitian teenager revolutionizes Android tablet

No news is ever too old if you didn’t know. Have you heard? This is a revolutionary news of a talented Haitian teenager who is now we believe to be 20 years old. The following report was published last year around August of 2014 by Alter press. He was just 19 at that time.


P-au-P, August 12, 2014 [AlterPresse] — Edwin St. John is the name of a young Haitian 19, who is the buzz now  [1].

His feat: designing, itself, a tablet, which could contribute to revolutionary changes of this tool.

He announced during a visit to AlterPresse, he has “completely changed the Android system” installed on a new tablet, which he designed and which will be available on the world market by the end of this month of in August 2014, via an online purchase site.

Magnet be confined to his room to live his electronic solitude, this teenager, who has never studied computer says wanting to “offer to users and users of tablets, better experience.”

Both models shelves of St. John are manufactured by the Chinese company CRD. The Crd neon is 10 inches and Crd nester 3G is 7 inches, with capacity of 8Gb.

The Haitian teenager, who lives in the United States of America specifies that these “revolutionary changes” Android system, developed by Google, show that the designer has not sufficiently exploited.

Accessibility to applications on the shelves of St. John is interesting, in that it’s even there shortcuts on the closing screen.

“I have totally changed the browser. I have so modified Android would think that this is another system that works on the tablet when it is used, “says St. John.

With respect to applications, the Haitian changed “a killer task (task killer)” that automatically closes the service applications, once another open but returns to the point where the first was left.

This helps to prevent system slowdown, excessive consumption data and electricity.

These tablets, “not that of the assembly, but a real design work (design),” have a range of 7 to 8 hours of operation.


The young designer, who “devoted all his time to inventions and discoveries,” said he did not fundamentally interested in making profits in the Haitian market.

However, so far, despite efforts by the staff of his company, St-Jean is still unable to find financing or financial partnership proposal, to make its product available on the Haitian market.

“It’s odd that a Haitian product, made by a young Haitian, may not be available on the Haitian market,” says St. John, looked disappointed.

It would have also liked that the mobile phone companies here in Haiti, are a partnership of land with him, to facilitate the distribution of “Crd tablet by Edwin S”.

Apparently he still has no manifestation of these companies.