Haitian pastor tells woman to stop telling husband about her cheating “ It’s not Marie herself who told Joseph she cheated on him with God”

Controversial paster in Haiti making headlines once again after suggesting to his women members not to admit to cheating.

Prophet Mackenson Dorilas of the Envoys Church of God lectured the woman during Sunday morning service after complains to him her husband left her when she admitted of committing adultery.

At that point the Prophet made the stunning statement about keeping cheating herself, “even if a husband catches you naked in bed with another, just say what you see, is not what it looks like”.

Dorilas went even further by making comparison to how Jesus was born, telling the woman “if Marie herself told her husband Joseph she was pregnant for God, she would have been dead”, the Prophet preached, “Luckily, angel Gabriel saved her”, according to the video which posted in Haitian Creole on the church’s Facebook page.