Haitian man tries to wake the dead at a cemetery that ended up exploding causing him to catch on fire (VIDEO)

Jean Rabel, Haiti: Witnesses say this unidentified man who you see in the video below wakes up the dead for a living. But unfortunately, the last person he tried to wake up exploded.

We didn’t believe it at first when they told us about it but after the video starts going viral we’ve decided to share the unbelievable story.  One witness from the hospital says he’s been doing this [waking up the dead] for a very long time and have no idea how such a thing could take place.

As you can see in the video, he suffers a first-degree burn on most parts of his body. People can’t understand how the clothing he was wearing didn’t get burn, yet still looking like new.

WKJ have not confirmed if that’s what really took place, but most sources have adopted a similar version of this story.