Haitian leaders put a warrant out for pastor who told his church members AIDS can be cured by adding 21 bugs into recipe, 1 woman tried it

Scroll down to watch the video Recent viral social media posts of a pastor in Haiti who told his church members to add 21 bugs into a recipe to cure the killer disease AIDS, have captured Haitian authorities attention, and now demanding Pastor Marckenson Dorilas of the Envoys Church of God to turn himself in for questioning.

We posted the Video(s) on our Facebook page. Many of them are very disturbing, to where people are asking “What religion is this?”. In this questioning video, the pastor claims he has 43 women and 25 men in the church who has AIDS, then starts to give the recipe on how to cure the disease which include blending 21 bugs. The following video is in Haitian Creole.