HAITIAN DRAMA: Someone leaks a picture of ESMERALDA NUDE selfie photo she allegedly sent to someone other than her man _ See why Sè Mona and Blondedy Ferdinand are now involved..

THINGS JUST GOT REAL. A new leaked picture is going viral in the Haitian gossip community. According to a credible source and outside buzz, someone leaks out the selfie Esmeralda took of herself while laying in bed naked. Social media are talking after they say she allegedly sent the teasing photo to a man other than her man.

The source claims Esmeralda is now with Stanley Boko alias Geraldine, the former boyfriend of Sè Mona, who they now think may have leaked the image. But the question is, who did Esmeralda sent the picture to? This has to be someone she trusted with her nude body. A snitch also says that Esmeralda is now

A snitch also says that Esmeralda is now Blondedy Ferdinand’s new puppet, does everything she is told including the time when she sent a bad looking picture of Isemylee Camille to Haitian Jonas because she failed to put out a video to announce everything she said about Blondedy Ferdinand was a lie. Click on the link below to see the massive ass photo of Esmeralda Boursiquot.


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