Haitian artist did the Unthinkable video to send to her diaspora lover in Miami _ She shows her skills in a naked music video while she’s in bed _ Woww…this Haitian girl is SAVAGE!!

UNBELIEVABLE, we have received a video that a diaspora has leaked of his Haiti lover. From what we learned, she is an unknown hmi artist that reside in Delmas.

The woman, as you will see in the video is very gorgeous, happy,  and excited to show her United States occasional lover her skills by stripping laying on her back. She is also demonstrating her beautiful talent when it comes to singing. This is typical behavior in Haiti by some desperate women who wants the diaspora to spend money on them when they come to visit their home country.

But many of these men exposed them after a deal goes wrong. Some say they do it because these ladies are not faithful when they come in town. “They’re always claiming they have a death in the family and cannot come to meet me. I’m tired of getting the same excuse from others I sent money to and add minutes on their phones”, an unidentified frequent traveler said.

Here’s the video as promised. Follow the link below to watch it.