HAITI now have a good chance to move forward – After woman with MASSIVE BACK SIDE started dating Dessalines son Moise Jean Charles, the leader in manifestation.

If you haven’t notice, Haiti is much quieter now. Not so much political protest going on lately; all thanks to a woman everyone is calling Haiti’s savior.

She goes by the name Majorie Seduction on Facebook and she’s been treated as real superhero for the Haitian community. Majorie recently attended a PopUp Shop event that took place in the capital about two months ago where she eventually met with Moise Jean Charles.

The two as you can see in the pictures are very much connected. We’ve learned Majorie is a business woman who sells clothes in the island of St Martin. Ever since being in close contact with Jean Charles, Haiti is seeing as a peaceful country, less manifestation, and a significant rise in the number of tourist visiting the island. With that being said, we pray Miss Seduction never leave Moise Jean Charles side. Follow us on Facebook.