Garcelle Beauvais is in the Haitians capital State, FlORIDA, trying to find vote for Hillary . . . She thinks even if the Clintons did Haiti WRONG, they deserve your vote (VIDEO)

September 25, 2016: Garcelle Beauvais was campaigning for Hillary Clinton in West Palm Beach. She was talking a bunch of nonsense according to a lot of Haitians. They say she doesn’t know what she’s talking about for saying this:

I know there’s a lot of Haitians who have reservations because of things that happened in the past with Haiti and the Clintons, and I feel like I would rather have someone who has a connection with Haiti, who can make it up to us than someone who absolutely doesn’t even know we exist, who doesn’t even care about us.”

With that being said, Beauvais want Haitians to vote for Hillary Clinton despite her  acknowledgement of the wrongs the Clintons did to Haiti. Clearly, politics is not something Garcelle Beauvais is good at. She had nothing serious to say, to convince the Haitian community why they should support her candidate Hillary Clinton.

She also thinks that it’s time for a woman to become president. Is that sufficient enough to vote for someone? Anyway, the Haitian media was not doing their job, because they failed to question Beauvais about her own country’s October 9 election.

Beauvais migrated from Saint-Marc, Haiti to the United States at the age of 7. She started doing modelling then became well known for her role in the hit tv show ” The Jamie Foxx Show”, where she played the character  ”Fancy”. She also featured in other hit shows and movies.

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