First picture of Guy Phillipe standing before an American judge _ After he was extradited to Florida _ He looks lOST!

Haitian politician was recently arrested in Haiti and extradited to Florida to face drug charges. He led the 2004 Haitian coup d’état that ousted Jean-Bertrand Aristide and he was a presidential candidate in the Haitian general election, 2006. Phillipe is a senator -elect in las November Haiti election. He is was wanted for allegedly participating in the illegal drug trade in Haiti.

Phillipe was arrested yesterday January the 5th 2017.  Ronald Etienne, a deputy in Haiti’s lower house of parliament, told The Associated Press that DEA and Haitian anti-drug agents raided Guy Philippe’s home Monday but did not find him. Philippe has long denied accusations of ties to drug trafficking. He was arrested Thursday while doing a talk show interview. He is innocent till proven guilty. We’re still working on getting Phillipe’s mugshot once it becomes available.

Here the picture of Guy Phillipe standing in front of the US Judge:

Guy Philippe in court in Florida after extradition. Arrested in Haiti. Accused of participating in illegal drug trades in Haiti.