Roody Roodboy’s manager Suzie Damas is accused of stealing SOME DOLLARS…a customer is filing a complaint against her for traveling to Haiti with her money

May 14, 2016: What is going on in Roody’s camp? They saying his manager who is Suzie Damas has a side business where she sells waist trainer to keep your belly flat and she is not delivering the products, according to one customer.

The customer says she placed her order and thought she would get her waist training gear in a few days but instead she still hasn’t gotten her item. She contacted Suzie company for answers, but what she got back are a bunch of no replies. She had no other choice but to call her bank to return her money.

Why would Damas steal people’s hard earned money? Do you think it’s because Roody Roodboy is not making her any money? We contacted Suzie company but got no response. The customer provided pictures of her experience with Suzie below.