CORRUPTION: Miami judge sentenced HAITIAN ex-principal to 6 years . . . For hiring “GHOST EMPLOYEES” at adult English learning school.

About 3 years ago, under cover agents out of North Miami arrested Jean Ridore, now 44, on several corruption charges after they discovered he was robbing the system that funds the adult English school for immigrants in North Miami.

Ridore hired fake employees in order to collect money over $200,000. All of the people Ridore hired didn’t have to show up for work, but just give him a portion of the check he made out to them.

Ridore migrated from Haiti in late 1980s. Too old for High School at the time, Ridore then register at the same adult school English learning program. He later received his GED there, and degrees from Miami Dade College, Florida International University and Barry University.

Jean Ridore, who had plans to run for offices in his native country Haiti, is now facing 6 years behind bars, following 2 years of house arrest and 7 more years probation. As you may already know, the Haitian-American community in Miami is very disappointed.

Sources: MiamiHerald