22 year-old Haitian man makes 22 proposals to Haiti’s youth ” #18, Do not waste your time”.

Dear young fellow citizens,

It is a prey to a very painful emotion that I address you the writings attached.
To tell you the truth, I am a witness to everything that happens in your life; it is no secret that you are living in excess in Haiti, and that hope undoubtedly eats your dreams in this forgotten corner of life of development, a country where intellectual elites uprooted and interested for the most part seem to have totally resigned in the face of their ontological requirement or their sociological justification for being social lanterns.

Here, in Haiti, we are born, we lose weight, and we perish: well-being is still a chance …
We deny the importance of being so abundant, THAT’S DIFFERENT!
I, like Andre Malraux, can say: “A life is worthless, but nothing is worth a life”. This makes me always believe that man is the ultimate craftsman of his destiny and that the destiny of a people, some dizzying that can be the challenges and some arbitrary that may be the hazards of the history, is ultimately the reflection of the will or lack of will.
Conscious of this macabre situation in which you live, I take the liberty to make you solemnly, on the occasion of my 22nd birthday, 22 very simple propositions and which, whatever, are not beyond the human possibilities:

At the present time, it is an imperative duty to enjoy living together at the center of all daily actions. Bad practices must deviate from us.
Organization is the key word. It should be noted that in the history of the world, no people have ever known, without solidarity, to meet the challenges of the kind that Haiti faces today.
Our ancestors, in order to find the political independence of our dear Haiti, knew how to fight for the benefit of the general interest. They tried to put aside all points of divergence that could hinder the development.

So, from now on, organize yourself! Learn the meaning and essence of the organization, this is of major importance. It is an obligation to give oneself for the maintenance of peace; the crisogenic atmosphere is a cancer that makes our vital reality interned. We must fight for that, because according to Roland Bacri: “Fight for peace, it seems that it’s good war.”

As you know, education is an incentive to get on the road to development. So it’s up to everyone to focus on knowledge, well-being and know-how.
Take your training in your hands, and try to fill what the school gives you.
To be noticed, in this present moment, many young people do not give themselves to the things of the mind, they do not want to read, their driving force remains simply the (bödègèt) and the (chawa pete) on the whole line. They all forget that reading is drinking and eating. The mind that does not read thin as the body that does not eat. It is an idea clearly justified through the writings of Victor Hugo (extracts of facts and beliefs).
Today, the Internet makes this even more possible. So do not use the Internet just to exchange e-mail, to Facebook, simply whastapper. But especially use the Internet for what it is, the largest library in the world that humanity has ever assembled.

To ensure posterity, the work is enormous.
For sure, it’s my opinion that we do not think enough. We barvado. So, dear young fellow citizens, know that poverty and misery are a curse only where the genius of the human spirit is not taken advantage of. We are called to discuss unanimously and concomitantly all the problems that plague our country in need of a new breath. It’s up to us to fuel the explosion of this new idea that can greatly help us in the future.

4) Be honest!
5) Plan your life!
6) Respect your commitments!
7) Have the sense of history!
😎Love each other!
9) Have a sense of creativity!
10) Be models!
11) Make yourself good patriots!
12) Always aim for the climax!
13) Make yourself more and more influential!
14) Bring a hand to people in danger!
15) Keep hoping!
16) Be faithful!
17) Make good friends!
18) Do not waste your time!
19) Protect your environment!
20) Always be brave!
21) Make discipline your driving force!
22) Believe in God!

Indeed, dear young fellow citizens, I am deeply convinced that these are very brief, very simple things; beyond all other needs, these responsibilities are significant. In any case, these are not
James-Kenley Jean-Baptiste
things that exceed your genius; we are bound to kiss them.
Come on, Haitian youth, dare sustainable and integrated development!
Long live Haiti!
Long live democracy!
Long live the dynamic and prosperous Haitian youth!

Mr. Kenley Jean-Baptiste


source: HaitiReyel